We are Pitchkoff. We design and build stands, interiors and displays – and we’re really good at it. This is no time for false modesty. Pitchkoff is passionate, creative and a bit headstrong. Quick, direct and a little rebellious. We often believe we know best. We are usually right.

Take a look for yourself!

How we do what we do? We can say that we have filled thousands of square metres with the most amazing concepts. We can mention Berlin, Indianapolis and Madrid, our cross-media approach and Live Communication. That is all true – and boring. More of the same. Of course Pitchkoff wants to promise you the world.

However, sometimes a crazy pigeon will target our display. The freight elevator may turn out to be the size of Barbie’s dressing room. The sprinklers might activate at the worst possible time, right in our section.

We are all too familiar with Murphy and his laws. The important thing is that we solve these problems. We surprise you and tempt your clients. We are not looking to prove ourselves with pompous verbosity: that must be our down-to-earth Rotterdam roots.

But how do we really do it?

Brand new

Pitchkoff is old and new. Our name is new. So is our brand. And we? We are a bunch of passionate professionals with years of experience. We are going to start doing things our way – the Pitchkoff way. No false promises, no men in suits, no endless meetings. Instead, we rely on inspiration, creativity and honest attention. We are the wind of change you have been waiting for. As we said: we don’t promise you the world. Sometimes it is just handed to you.